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Duplicate IP is a team of experienced and knowledgeable people who have an expertise in the field of IP Protection and its well being. Therefore, Duplicate IP operates with the primary objective of providing the IP Proprietors with a positive growth and meteoric rise, with a systematic intimation of the similar trade mark which are advertised and accepted. Our facilitation of services safeguards a lot of time and energy of an individual since our team worked upon retrieving similar trade marks by way of different permutation and combination.
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The Access of such platform can lead to establishment of trust towards the brand in the market since the IP Proprietors can lay hold of necessary measures against the dilution of trade mark by way of interdicting the registration of similar Trade Mark. Furthermore leading to escalation of goodwill and reputation in the Indian market.


Revenue will be handed over in the rightful hands since the authenticity of the Trade mark will prevail and thereby prohibit the mala fide adopters from reaping the benefits of the genuine IP Proprietors.


IP Proprietors may extend the reliability and trust in the sub-brands by way of rooting it to the well established genuine family brand/Trade mark.

Long Perspective

‘Duplicate IP’ can establish the confidence and believe with respect to the law which will guide in boosting the economic condition of our country and the rationale being the customers will trust the genuineness of the trade mark existing in the market.
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In the current state of affairs, it is really strenuous for the IP Proprietors to recognize the similar trademarks that is being applied/claimed all over India and the rationale being the filing of trademark had crossed the count of approx. 300,000 application annually. Therefore, through this platform the IP proprietors can access the exhaustive status report of the applied similar trademarks all over India and furthermore, assisting in maintaining the quality of the trade mark by prohibiting each and every similar trade mark from obtaining the registration.

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Duplicate IP consists of multiple legal experts who supervise the team of employees, towards the protection of Intellectual Property Rights. Duplicate IP is completely a technology based platform which create the manual reports from the Trade Mark journals and makes a rundown of similar trade mark out of the marks which perpetually exist all over India, hence, requiring countless manpower and exertion. This is done with the sole motive of encouraging all the IP Proprietors with the quality services.
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